How do I get AgBags?

Interested in ordering an AgBag? Contact the xClinic to get one of our AgBag kits.

A kit includes:

– Instructions for safety use and connection with Pachube.
– Different kind of soils, foam and irrigation system
– Tyvek Bag and printed graphic time of use
– Time-lapse camera

2 Responses to How do I get AgBags?

  1. Admin says:

    Hello Reuban,

    Thanks so much for your comment. The agbags are still in development. Although apparently quite simple, there is much to tweek to get great performance out of them: what tyvek works best in what climactic conditions(In the UK they can be a bit too effective at moisture retention which won’t be an issue in CA); which cultivars grow best in them(this depends much on the person too); what watering, monitoring systems and soil augmentation strategies; and how to really get good participatory data on growth rates/phenological variation and much other important stuff.

    So perhaps u would be willing to be a beta tester so to speak? And help develop this as a platform for urban agriculture.

    With respect to getting them, I have been making them with a local seamstress on case by case basis. See recent vertical plot at Socrates: She has developed considerable expertise in this difficult to handle material, and I have equipped her with the right machine (and lots of needles) for the job. Of course the pattern is open-sourced, but the fabrication expertise is hard to make explicit. We will get there, but in the interim, we can custom make them for your site. Or if you really feel motivated to wrestle with tyvek (the material bluntens all cutting equipment which is why the commercial sewing enterprises stay away from it) and have a high power/wattage sewing machine I would not recommend using recycled tyvek as yet in order to err on the side of safety so that they cannot fall (on anyone).

    So tell me how willing u are and we can jump on this asap.

  2. Admin says:

    Hello Judith: I know the Tenderloin area fairly well: yes, challenged. I would love to conspire with u and/or TenderRoots to figure out what works in the area in terms of agbags. Are you working the the Heart-of-the-City Farmer Market on your initiative too? Or the Tenderloin People’s Garden?
    The Farmacy, into which agbags fit, is focussed on aggregating small holdings into a significant effect, maximizing the nutritional value but also for generating some revenue for participants–which might play well for your audience. In short …. I’d love to discuss.


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