WHAT: The xClinic’s Farmacy is a distributed urban farm designed to improve environmental health, augment biodiversity, and produce delicious edibles. Any railing, double-hung window or parapet can host an AgBag, creating arable land out of thin air.

HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE: It is Farmacy’s ambition to develop a community of urban farmers (ufarmers). More details about how you can support our efforts, distribute our delectable produce or join the ufarmers community, coming soon.

News and Updates:

“‘Farmacy’ artwork has the Rx for poor diet” - July 14, 2011

July 13, 2011: Featured in downtown express, click picture to go to article.

Famacy clinical trial at Postmasters gallery - June 22, 2011

The artist/engineer/activist/experimenter extraordinaire, Natalie Jeremijenko, will turn Postmasters’ façade green. She will conduct a clinical trial of xClinic’s Farmacy, a distributed urban farm aimed at encouraging urban food production, diversifying food systems and improving environmental health. The vertical garden will … Continue reading

Hello world! - May 1, 2011

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FARMACY is a distributed urban farming system that is designed to improve environmental health and augment biodiversity in addition to producing edibles. This system is optimized for yummy urban foods (U-foods), i.e. new foods appropriate for the challenging urban context. The AgBag addresses the issue of little or no access to soil, little or no space, compromised air and water quality among other challenges. Further than improving air and water quality, its value lays in improving the quality of life for humans and non-human organisms alike in the urban environment – aiming for a resilient and healthy BiodiverCITY. Farmacy and its AgBag are a radical systems design approach to urban food production, developed specifically for the urban environment. The U-foods are curated and cultivated for their extremely high nutrition value, including the colorful alpha-carotenes, polyphenols and micronutrients that equip an urban body to cope with the assault of urban pollutants. We've also selected foods and developed food products that have high commercial value, and are non-distributable and highly perishable (our black pansies need to be eaten within a couple of hours of harvesting for instance).
Farmacy’s AgBags deliver air quality improvements by maximizing the leaf area index (using plants with high shoot-to-root ratio, removing 1/2 the deadly particulates at scale cld). This is the only tried and true method for massive air quality improvements; and we incorporate novel local urban waste streams in soil production. But the Farmacy system gets its scalability and power from the resource that is renewable and plentiful, and in fact defines urban contexts: people, and their urban farms, or U-farms. People who may never have farmed can install AgBags and become active U-farmers, using their window or a railing as a "growcery" and reaping the benefits of tending and cultivating, as well as participating in a farm exchange through Feral Trade (trading thru social networks) and "Commuter Food" distribution.

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